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Phoebe Gibson

Phoebe Gibson headshot

Phoebe Gibson has a degree in Classics, which, to the uninitiated, is the study of the meaning of ancient words depending on where they sit in a sentence. Phoebe excelled in knowing all the meanings of all the words, but not necessarily in the right order. She scraped through University College. 

Undeterred, Phoebe used her enviable talent with languages to get a job as a Club 18-30 rep in Spain, where sentences of 3 words prevail.

Finding Costa del Spanish to be purely shouty English – and eventually needing sleep – Phoebe returned to England, lured into the glamorous world of advertising where fortuitously slogans of 4 words or less pay mortgages.

Phoebe used her 4 word slogans to great advantage in several top ad agencies. She’s had her oar in many TV and radio ad breaks plus an assortment of fish and chip papers. Her work litters waiting rooms across the land.

Fifteen years of slogans later, Phoebe joins forgotten pearls together to create articles, short stories and incidental TV and radio content. 

She’s won prestigious short story competitions, been broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and 5 and is currently a regular contributing writer to the new look Lady magazine.

Mindful of that famous maxim and the need for a contingency income, Phoebe currently supplements her mighty portfolio career as a visiting lecturer at Warwick University where she presides over the Creative Communications MA.

She’s thinking of changing her name to Jack.