Speakers archive: LSF2011

The London Screenwriters’ Festival 2011 featured over 100 top industry speakers. Find out all about them here.

The Script Surgery provided excellent advice and improved my screenplay story structure.

Gordon Slack, Screenwriter

Gordon Slack, Screenwriter

Script Surgery

Paul Bassett Davies

Paul Bassett Davies – Writer

Credits include: Spitting Image, Alas Smith And Jones, Rory Bremner, Magic Roundabout

Paul has written for and directed the biggest names in comedy. He's also creative director of The London Comedy Writers' Festival
Paul Bassett Davies
Charles Harris

Charles Harris – Filmmaker, Writer and Educator

Has helped countless writers for over fifteen years.

Writer-director, Charles Harris has won international awards for his films for TV and cinema.
Charles Harris

I went away with so much helpful and insightful notes that I was immediately able to apply to my scripts

Lou Panteli, Writer

Lou Panteli, Writer


Ben Stephenson

Ben Stephenson – Controller Drama Commissioning | BBC

Credits include: The Fall, The White Queen

Controller of Drama Commissioning at the BBC and responsible for the re-emergence of drama on BBC Two.
Ben Stephenson
Paul Cronin

Paul Cronin – Writer and historian

We loved 'On Film-making', his collection of works by Alexander Mackendrick, so much we flew him in specially from New York
Duncan Kenworthy

Duncan Kenworthy – Producing legend

BAFTA-winning producer of some of the biggest Brit flicks of all time, including 'Four Weddings...' and 'Love Actually'

I met some really interesting writers and will attend again next year.

Kristin Irving , Development Executive, Cascade Media

Kristin Irving , Development Executive, Cascade Media


Danny Stack

Danny Stack – Screenwriter

Credits include: Origin, Eastenders, Liquid Lunch

Screenwriter, script editor and filmmaker. His latest feature is the live-action family film Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?
Danny Stack
Daniel Martin Eckhart

Daniel Martin Eckhart – Scriptwriter

Credits include: Brother Grimm, Blood Eagle

These days Daniel works with some of Germany’s best networks, producers, directors and actors creating top-rated TV movies.
Daniel Martin Eckhart
Damon Rochefort

Damon Rochefort – Screenwriter

Credits include: Coronation Street, Birds Of A Feather

Damon is a TV creator, producer and writer with a wealth of experience and credits to his name.
Damon Rochefort
Chris Hill

Chris Hill – Screenwriter

Credits include: Skins, The Last Station, Butterfly Kick

Young gun Chris has his first feature screenplay due to start shooting later this year.
Chris Hill
Simon Bates

Simon Bates – Writer

This up-and-coming writer is Hollywood-bound. He also came to the festival last year and ended up writing a $20m movie!
Tom Williams

Tom Williams – Screenwriter

Credits include: Kajaki, Chalet Girl

Tom's most recent feature the critically acclaimed Kajaki was selected for TIFF and received a BAFTA nomination for 'Outstanding Debut' for it's Director and Producer.
Tom Williams
Ashley Pharoah

Ashley Pharoah – Writer

Credits include: Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes

Ashley is a veteran TV writer who has created and written several long-running series for the BBC and ITV.
Ashley Pharoah
Antony Johnston

Antony Johnston – Games and comic writer

Accomplished comic and games writer with a raft of top titles to his name
Ed Stern

Ed Stern – Games writer

Writer of some of the most successful games in recent years
Andy Walsh

Andy Walsh – Writer

Andrew S. Walsh has worked on close to 50 videogames, and written for radio, television, animation, film, theatre and radio
Philip Palmer

Philip Palmer – Author, screenwriter and producer

Sci-fi author, with novels, radio drama and BBC shows under his belt. And a history in helping writers too!
Georgia Lester

Georgia Lester – Writer

Youngest-ever writer on 'Hollyoaks' and core team writer for 'Skins'
Greg Latter

Greg Latter – Screenwriter

With over 25 produced scripts, Greg has worked with the biggest names and is a veteran of the international writing marketplace
Steve Ince

Steve Ince – Writer and designer

Credits Include: Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

Author of 'Writing for Video Games' and an award-winning games script writer.
Steve Ince
James Hendrie

James Hendrie – Writer and director

James wrote on the first five series of BBC1's hit comedy 'My Family' and three series of 'After You've Gone'
Adrian Hodges

Adrian Hodges – Screenwriter

Adrian is the creator of 'Primeval', and has written several Brit films, including Ken Branagh's feature, 'My Week With Marilyn'
Stuart Hazeldine

Stuart Hazeldine – Screenwriter

Stuart's credits include 'The Shack', 'Exam', 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' and 'Knowing' with Nicholas Cage.
Stuart Hazeldine
Will Gilbey

Will Gilbey – Writer and editor

With 'A Lonely Place to Die' set to go large in autumn, Will and his brother Julian are the ones to watch this year
Stuart Gallop

Stuart Gallop – Screenwriter

This ex-popcorn seller has moved from one side of the screen to the other with a produced feature, courtesy of Hollywood!
Emma Frost

Emma Frost – Screenwriter

Emma's has written for TV, film and theatre. Current commissions include adapting Daniel Defoe's novel, 'Roxana', for the BBC
Tim Clague

Tim Clague – Screenwriter and games expert

Writer, blogger and master gamer

Tim Clague is a BAFTA nominated scriptwriter. His latest feature is the live-action family film Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?
Tim Clague
Ian Brown

Ian Brown – Comedy and drama writer

TV comedy and drama writer with experience on both sides of the pond
Jason Arnopp

Jason Arnopp – Writer

This Sci-fi guy is a scriptwriter, novelist and former journalist
Robert Thorogood

Robert Thorogood – Screenwriter

Robert is the creator and lead writer of the 8 x 60' BBC 1 television series 'Death in Paradise', his first broadcast credit.
Robert Thorogood
Matt Greenhalgh

Matt Greenhalgh – Screenwriter

Matt's first film, 'Control', won the BIFA for best film. His second, 'Nowhere Boy', is one the few to repay its UKFC investment
Olivia Hetreed

Olivia Hetreed – Screenwriter

Credits include: Girl With A Pearl Earring

Screenwriter of 'Girl With The Pearl Earring' and 'Wuthering Heights'.
Olivia Hetreed
Rowan Joffe

Rowan Joffe – Writer

Writer of '28 Weeks Later', 'The American' and 'Brighton Rock', as well as a mountain of TV screenplays under his belt
Rhys Thomas

Rhys Thomas – Writer and actor

Film and TV actor with his eye also on screenwriting and producing, Rhys knows what life can be like on both sides of the camera
Nick Moorcroft

Nick Moorcroft – Screenwriter

Screenwriter for Ealing Studios, including 'Burke and Hare' and 'St Trinians'
Roland Moore

Roland Moore – Screenwriter

Credits include: Land Girls, Rastamouse, Smack the Pony

Roland created the award-winning returning drama series Land Girls for BBC1 and has written for a range of television series.
Roland Moore
Niall Johnson

Niall Johnson – Writer

Writer of Canadian horror hit 'White Noise', followed up with Brit comedy 'Keeping Mum', with Rowan Atkinson and Maggie Smith
Tony Lee

Tony Lee – Screenwriter & Comic Writer

Credits include: Doctor Who Comic

Tony Lee is a #1 New York Times Best Selling Author of comics, novels and audio dramas.
Tony Lee
Ian Brennan

Ian Brennan – Screenwriter

Creator and writer of 'Glee'

To get so many high powered and practical people to the festival is a terrific achievement. I've benefited and it's more than worth the cost.

Ed Griffiths, Screenwriter

Ed Griffiths, Screenwriter

People who get stuff made

Stuart Wilkins

Stuart Wilkins – Blue Pencil Media

Stuart Wilkins is Commercial Director for Blue Pencil Media Limited and will be running the legal clinic at the festival
Steven Russell

Steven Russell – Developer

Steven is Head of Development at Loves Me Not Films & Scripts.
Sophie Meyer

Sophie Meyer – Head of Development, Ealing Studios

Credits include: St. Trinians, Millions, Dorian Gray

Head Of Development at Ealing Studios

Sophie Meyer
Simon Reglar

Simon Reglar – Editor

Editor with some of the biggest drama and genre TV shows under his belt, including 'Dr Who', 'The Royle Family' and 'Merlin'
Sarah Olley

Sarah Olley – Head of Development | Formosa Films

Sarah is looking for thriller and comedy features (low budget)
Sarah Olley
Robert Wulff-Cochrane

Robert Wulff-Cochrane – Commissioning editor for drama at Channel 4

Robert is the man that gets cutting edge drama made at Channel 4
Robert Bernstein

Robert Bernstein – Producer

Ecosse Films Producer Robert Bernstein's credits include the multi award winning 'Mrs Brown', 'Charlotte Gray' and 'Nowhere Boy'
Philip Shelley

Philip Shelley – Channel Four Screenwriting Course and Script editor

Credits include: Waking The Dead, Medics

Writer, producer and script consultant Philip also runs the Channel Four Screenwriting course.
Philip Shelley
Paul Ashton

Paul Ashton – Senior Film Exec | Creative England

Paul Ashton is a Senior Film Executive at Creative England, leading the talent team in Sheffield where they develop emerging directors, writers and producers.
Paul Ashton
Luci Lenox

Luci Lenox – Casting director

Luci routinely works with emerging talent, attaching the biggest named actors to exciting projects
Lucas Webb

Lucas Webb – Financier

Lucas Webb is the Director of Production and Acquisitions for Ingenious Media and Fox Searchlight
Kathleen Hutchison

Kathleen Hutchison – Producer

Producer Kathleen Hutchison has a staggering track record. Credits include, 'Eastenders', 'Holby City' and 'Playing The Field'
Julian Friedmann

Julian Friedmann – Film, TV and literary agent

Agent and great supporter of emerging talent.

Julian has years of experience as a literary agent and was the founder of ScriptWriter magazine.
Julian Friedmann
John Griffin

John Griffin – Producer

Executive producer for series at Company Pictures working on, amongst other things, 'Skins' and 'Wild At Heart
Jo Calam

Jo Calam – Script developer

Jo has worked for all the major broadcasters and has become an expert in both focussing and inspiring new talent
Harry Markos

Harry Markos – Graphic novel publisher

If you have a story that suits the graphic novel format, Harry is the man to meet
Evan Leighton-Davis

Evan Leighton-Davis – Industrial Scripts & Takedown Pictures

Evan runs script consultancy Industrial Scripts, and is producing his first film with Bedlam Prods.
Evan Leighton-Davis
Esther Wouda

Esther Wouda – Story Editor, Script Coach and Screenwriter

Working at the cutting edges of screenwriting, Ester has written and script edited a diverse portfolio of work
Elaine Bedell

Elaine Bedell – Commissioner for ITV

The BAFTA winner and Director of Entertainment & Comedy for ITV has commissioned shows from X-Factor to The Apprentice
Ed Speleers

Ed Speleers – Actor and producer

This hot young actor and producer slays dragons in his spare time
Ed Clarke

Ed Clarke – Producer, executive and development consultant

Ed was Head of Film Development for Kudos Film and TV, responsible for the development of all Kudos film projects
Bernie Corbett

Bernie Corbett – The Writers' Guild

The General Secretary of The Writers' Guild, Bernie Corbett is one of the Guardians of our profession
Athos Kyriakides

Athos Kyriakides – Script reader

Having worked in Hollywood, South Africa and London, this script consultant knows what's Paramount in making movies work!
Ash Atalla

Ash Atalla – Producer

Producer of the wildly successful comedy series 'The Office', 'Bo Selecta!' and 'The IT Crowd'. Also the founder of Roughcut TV
Andy Baker

Andy Baker – MoFilm.com

A pioneer of music downloads, this guy now runs MoFilm.com, the biggest film competition site in the world!
David Nicholas Wilkinson

David Nicholas Wilkinson – Producer

Credits Include: The First Film, How To Change The World

David has been involved in the production/ distribution of over 100 British feature films with budgets from £20,000 to $16 million.
David Nicholas Wilkinson

I cannot tell you how invaluable the Actors Table Read was for me - and from feedback I've heard other writers too

Sylvia-Anne Parker, Screenwriter

Sylvia-Anne Parker, Screenwriter


Vadim Jean

Vadim Jean – Writer, Producer & Director

Vadim Jean is a multi award winning features director specialising in live action/cgi and performance.
Sam Taylor-Wood

Sam Taylor-Wood – Film maker and artist

Sam Taylor-Wood makes highly charged photographs and films that examine our shared social and psychological conditions
Robin Sheppard

Robin Sheppard – Director

This award-winning director has worked with Britain's finest actors and helped get some of UK's best TV to our screens
Paul Andrew Williams

Paul Andrew Williams – Writer and director

With a string of indie success stories behind him, Paul has his pulse on film making in the UK
Julian Gilbey

Julian Gilbey – Writer and director

With a history of writing and directing low budget British hit films, we should all listen to what Julian has to say!
Jonathan Newman

Jonathan Newman – Writer & Director

Credits include: Swinging With The Finkels, Foster, Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box

Jonathan most recently directed the $25m movie Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box.
Jonathan Newman
Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright – Director and Screenwriter

Screenwriter and Director of the Cornetto Trilogy and legend!

The 2016 standard was as high as ever and the quality and range of opportunities almost overwhelming. I will definitely be attending next year

Gordon Slack, Screenwriter

Gordon Slack, Screenwriter

People who know stuff

Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips – Screenplay and direction consultant

A direction consultant, Simon Phillips is equipped with all the tools to advise feature filmmakers and writers.

Simon Phillips
Richard Tierney

Richard Tierney – Screenwriter and educator

Script development is written in the stars for producer and writer Richard Tierney
Phoebe Gibson

Phoebe Gibson – Copywriter

Phoebe has over 15 years experience at the coalface of professional copywriting
Mike Gubbins

Mike Gubbins – Journalist and consultant

Former editor of industry newspaper 'Screen International', this analyst and consultant specialises in film, music and new media
Lucy V Hay

Lucy V Hay – Script editor | Bang2write

Bionic blogger, script editor and the voice of new writers!

Legendary for her enthusiasm and knowledge which she shares with her community at Bang2Write. Core member of the LSF team.
Lucy V Hay
Linda Potgieter

Linda Potgieter – Negotiation expert

An expert in human negotiation and behaviour, Linda will open your eyes to the blind spots in the way you negotiate everything
Linda Potgieter
Linda Aronson

Linda Aronson – Practitioner and screenwriter

Author of: The 21st-Century Screenplay

Linda Aronson returns to dazzle LSF delegates with her game changing explanations of how to construct non-linear and multiple storyline films.
Linda Aronson
Tony Lee

Tony Lee – Screenwriter & Comic Writer

Credits include: Doctor Who Comic

Tony Lee is a #1 New York Times Best Selling Author of comics, novels and audio dramas.
Tony Lee
Julian Wilkins

Julian Wilkins – Lawyer

Editor of Blue Pencil Laws Of Creativity Magazine

Julian Wilkins is Editorial Director for Blue Pencil Media Limited and will be running the legal clinic at the festival
Julian Wilkins
Janice Day

Janice Day – Writer and agent

No one knows more about working a room than Janice Day!
Jan Jung

Jan Jung – Screenwriter and software developer

Screenwriter and developer of Firstlook, new software tool for writers launching at the festival
Craig Batty

Craig Batty – Senior Lecturer, RMIT University, Melbourne

The Creative Screenwriter, Movies That Move Us

Craig has a PhD in screenwriting, is a senior lecturer, screenwriter, script consultant and author.
Craig Batty
Christian Routh

Christian Routh – Film consultant

Has his roots in distribution, a long career in script and film fund management and a passion for helping writers and film maker
Chris Jones

Chris Jones – Filmmaker and author

Credits include: Oscars shortlisted Gone Fishing, the Guerilla Handbooks and a bunch of feature films

Chris has spent his life making movies, writing books  and helping others make their movies.
Chris Jones
Charles Gant

Charles Gant – Journalist and distribution analyst

Writer for top magazines and box office analyst for the Guardian, Charles has his finger on the pulse of the UK box office
Angeli Macfarlane

Angeli Macfarlane – Script developer

Credits include: Death Of A President, Junkhearts

With years of script development under her belt, Angeli can help you identify where your script needs most work.
Angeli Macfarlane
Amos Willbond and Andrew Kennedy

Amos Willbond and Andrew Kennedy – Moviestorm

Why not pre visualise your script before it gets made? Meet our Moviestorm gurus who will show you how it's done
Stephen Follows

Stephen Follows – Writer and producer

Credits include: Baseline, Sign Language

Stephen Follows is an award-winning writer and producer. 
Stephen Follows

I have learnt so much which I can implement in my own writing. I came away inspired, motivated & loving life!

Caroline Towers, Screenwriter

Caroline Towers, Screenwriter


Jan Gilbert

Jan Gilbert – Journalist and presenter

This presenter and journalist is all about the UK film industry and what's hot and what's not
Iyare Igiehon

Iyare Igiehon – Presenter, producer and director

Credits include: Direct Edition

One-time record promoter, music video director, writer, this comic book fan presents the comic book show 'Direct Edition'
Iyare Igiehon
Guy Rowland

Guy Rowland – Screenwriter

Credits include: Sam Jackson's Secret Video Diary

Screenwriter and composer with a passion for storytelling for young audiences.

Guy Rowland

I doubt so much information has ever been shared, so generously, with so many people in such short time

Emma King-Farlow, Screenwriter

Emma King-Farlow, Screenwriter