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Jan Jung

Screenwriter and software developer
Jan Jung headshot

Jan is a screenplay writer and director with a vast variety of productions on his track record. In his early twenties, and starting in his native Denmark, he embarked on a journey through almost all kind of productions in many capacities climbing steadily up through the ranks. Apart from Denmark Jan has worked and/or lived in Japan, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, and LA before settling in England. With two full-length feature films, several shorts, many documentaries, and an array of TV-programmes behind him Jan established Screenplay Productions in 2005.

Having realised that new talent (although difficult to find and nurture) is the lifeblood of the industry Jan set out to make Screenplay a natural home for new comedy writers and performers. Firstlook grew to become a project in its own right out of need to deal with the never decreasing slush-pile received from hopeful new writers.