Amos Willbond and Andrew Kennedy appeared at a previous festival. View this year's speakers here.

Amos Willbond and Andrew Kennedy

Amos Willbond and Andrew Kennedy headshot

Andrew Kennedy and Amos Willbond are (respectively) the CEO and Creative Producer of Moviestorm, the world’s first video sketch tool.

Moviestorm is opening up the world of digital animation to a broad range of people who have the need for an inexpensive, fast and simple means of making high quality animated movies.

It is offering an affordable suite of market-leading software tools that are fun and easy to use, that inspire people to do more, and that combine to form a full-featured movie-making environment.

With their background in amateur film making, machinima and games development, the management team are passionate advocates of empowering anyone with a message to use video as their primary form of creative expression and communication.

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