LondonSWF and Talent Campus Delegate Rebecca Muddiman has Great News To Share…

Talent Campus 4.0 is now open for submissions HERE. This week I signed a deal with the amazing Bloodhound Books for my first standalone thriller, No Place Like Home. And though it will be my fifth published novel, it still … MORE

One screenwriter asked on Facebook about the London Screenwriters’ Festival… Here is what happened…

A few weeks ago, screenwriter Helen Black asked ‘Has anyone been to the London Screenwriters Festival?’ on the Band2write group (run by Lucy V Hay) on Facebook. She added… ‘What happens? Is it any good? I’m wondering if I should … MORE

The Magic of Film Sets… My time on the LondonSWF produced film ‘Never Too Old’ by Eva Adams

I’ve often wondered what it must be like to be an extra in a film. Extras, or supporting/background artistes to use the technical term, are essentially human props or moving background. They can add context, mood or scale and are … MORE

The Big Lebowski is 20 Today… Samantha Horley recalls when worked in sales and read the script

This weekend we are running our masterclass on how to make your script more sellable and produceable, with Samantha Horley, sales agent turned screenwriter. In this post she recalls selling ‘Fargo’ and then getting the script for ‘The Big Lebowski’… … MORE

Want to know how to get your script produced?

Then ask an international sales agent turned screenwriter. Sam Horley had worked in film sales for over a decade, then chose a career gear shift and became a screenwriter. In the few short years since that shift, she has gained … MORE

Courage, Guts and Networking

Things I have learned at the London Screenwriters’ Festival, besides screenwriting! By Dorothee Kuepers When I went to the LSF for the first time in 2015, my intention was to learn more about the craft of screenwriting, attend lectures and … MORE

How my short film ended up being shot after attending the London Screenwriters’ Festival

Making Memories: On set with ‘Memory Man’ By LondonSWF delegate Danielle Wager Last week I spent some time doing something that was just a bit out of the ordinary for me. Standing on a film set watching actors saying my … MORE

Scott Myers, highest rated LondonSWf’17 speaker, returns in 2018

We are delighted to announced that Scott Myers, whose LondonSWF’17 sessions were standing room only, will return for the festival in 2018. He will also be running a one day in Festival Week on Narrative Imperative in YOUR Screenplay. More … MORE

London Screenwriters’ Festival Deal Ends January 31st

Our January New Year’s Resolution Deal for your full pass to the London Screenwriters’ Festival 2018 will end on January 31st. After that the ticket price will go up. Right now you can get your pass for £38.75 for eight … MORE

Final Call: Film and TV Key Art and Poster Masterclass next Friday

Whether your project is at pitch stage, in post production or complete and starting the sales journey, you will still be pitching relentlessly. And having a poster or some key artwork makes a MASSIVE difference to professionals who want to … MORE