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Download all the photos from LondonSWF’17

We have an ongoing archive of all the photos from our events on Flickr HERE, but you can also get them via Dropbox with these links. Feel free to use on your personal blogs and social media. There is a … MORE

Talent Campus 3.0: Licence to Write by Iris May

You couldn’t have convinced me that four days would be nearly long enough to transform me into the person I am today – a glowing, confident version of myself that I was unable to tap into a week ago. Yet … MORE

PitchFest Booking Is Now Closed (but will re-open if you did not get a slot)

This year the first slot for PitchFest went in seven seconds. By 12:30 all slots had been taken. Believe it or not, that is not our record fastest! Now… Even though I clearly stated IN BOLD TEXT and REPEATEDLY in … MORE

Congratulations to the 12 writers selected for Meet The Experts

Buckle up, it’s going to be bumpy BUT rewarding. The booking system for these slots goes live at midday today – we will send the 12 successful applicants and email about where and how to login to select their slots. … MORE

Download, print and read the 2017 LondonSWF festival guide

You can download the most recent operational manual below. Or check it out with the embedded viewer (remember to go full screen). Download and print with these links 2017 Guide (HiRes 36mb) HERE 2017 Guide (web download 5mb) HERE Read … MORE

Actors Table Read LondonSWF’17 Slots Announced

Congratulations to the writers who gained a place at the Actors Table Read – here are your slots… Friday Friday 10-11am Slots GOSIA’s CHILDREN by Iris May, with Penelope Bosworth, Daniel Booroff and Simeon Willis, directed by Matthew Butler Hart. … MORE

Congratulations to the successful applicants for the Legal Clinic at LondonSWF

Drum roll please, the successful applicants for the Legal Clinic at LondonSWF are… (and in no order) Sarit Bruno Aydrea Walden Anthony Cox Angelina Gibson Wisse Stolk Barry Staff Stephen Ridley Daniel Flint Gary Colman Vero Meunier Georgina Sherrington Caroline … MORE

Congratulations to the Euroscript ‘Script Surgery’ successful applicants

UPDATE 1/9/2107 We have managed to secure 15 more spots and so we can welcome in 15 more delegates. They are… Brigid Rosean Goldman Polani Fourie Marta Gluszczyk Natalie Ekberg Priscilla Lowen Lukhanyo Sikwebu Julie Ann Hall Johannes Mzandile Spirit … MORE

Congratulations to the writers selected for the 2017 Writers Rooms

The writers room at LondonSWF was extremely competitive this year in the submissions. So to have gained a place is already a huge accolade. Congratulations to the successful screenwriters who are in for one hell of a day. We will … MORE

Talent Campus Successful Applicants Announced

Congratulations to the selected entrants for this years Talent Campus 3: Total Immersion programme. They are (and not in alphabetical order)… Amii Griffiths Amy Culwick Ben Hyland Chandana Banerjee Danielle Wager Frank Saunders Gareth Meredith Graeme Wilcockson Iris May Wurth … MORE